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About Two Souls Photography

Geoffrey and Jade currently live in Manly. As close to the beach as physically
possible so that they can rinse themselves from their full time jobs at any time of the day. With a passion for photography, this husband and wife duo aim to provide a unique angle to capturing all of life’s small and grand memories.

Together, we complement the other’s strengths and weaknesses and are able to approach each task with the same purpose in mind – to have satisfied, comfortable and genuinely pleased customers.

Two Souls Photography encapsulates what we are providing: two hearts and minds, two sets of skills, two angles all involved in providing you with a photograph, a photo shoot, a preservation of a special memory.

“There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment”

~ Robert Frank

Who we are

About us

It is not simply about capturing a ‘still’, or pausing a moment to get a photograph. We believe that photography enables a bit of life’s magic to be shared over and over, when memory begins to fail us. We aim to not only give a two-dimensional image, but rather a story that reaches out to you from the photograph, desperate to be relived again. Stormy, wild seas, wild nature, golden light and a rich, deep, flavourful red wine are some of Geoff’s passions. A good roll around with a German shepherd too.

For me, I feel that life gets too noisy at times, and submerging myself beneath the salty water of this magnificent ocean is my sanctuary. At other times, a passion for family, anything with a heartbeat, and being outdoors drives my waking moments. Together with a good laugh, we both try and be alive in every moment and hope to make this evident in our work and in our photographs. Therefore, when we are wrinkly and aged, rich in life and memories, we will have sufficient evidence to say we lived well.

Co-Founder & Photographer
Co-Founder & Photographer